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About Crijo Pet Products

Welcome to CRIJO Pet Products, were glad to have you here to learn more about what we do. On the face of CRIJO we exist in order to provide revolutionary and humane animal housing enrichment products for confined animals, reduce disease, promote adoptions, and save lives. Our corporate headquarters are located in Weaver, Alabama and we strive to remain an approachable business where customers can still speak with the founder, Grant Smith, to ask questions or discuss solutions for specific needs.

When we first started to design our animal enrichment products in 2005 we contacted multiple veterinarians to get their specific needs and advice. Although we wanted to make a product that would stimulate felines we also wanted to ensure that we had expert input for safety and product usability.

Today, our State-of-the-Art pet enrichment centers are fully customizable for any sized room or building or customers may purchase one of our standard designs. Each unit is constructed with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which is a thermoplastic material that is known for its excellent tensile strength, high melting point, low cost, good impact strength, and is easy to disinfect. When we first began to the design we devised a user-friendly and cat-friendly method that facilitates the easy removal and replacement of the sisal scratch pads. We also add four heavy duty castors on each unit to make moving the pieces easier for more accessibility to clean difficult to reach areas.

We provide our feline products to animal rescues/shelters, veterinarians, animal boarding facilities, and to the public for their four legged family members. If you need a custom designed center we can help you with that too. We can provide a CAD blueprint of how the unit will look in the finished area to ensure placement will be exactly the way our customer wants it.

We are proud to say that the company has recently gone International with sales and we are still growing. CRIJO Pet products, LLC now sets the standard for quality, comfort and design for multi-cat housing and we intend to keep pushing the threshold higher and higher.

A Message from Grant Smith, Founder

The inspiration for founding CRIJO came from my two cats, Crystal and Josephine, as did the name I chose for the company. I adopted both cats from Humane Societies when they were kittens. For eighteen years they were an integral and rewarding part of my life. In looking at cat furniture for Crystal and Josephine, I discovered that most products on the market were of inferior quality–poorly designed, shoddily made, or both. My cats deserved much more than cardboard covered with carpet, so I built my first cat furniture for them. Later, when my companions were in the twilight of their lives, I decided that making high quality cat furniture would be an appropriate memorial to them.

Today I am both excited and proud of what we have accomplished. We are able to help the animal community to care for the cats they work so hard to rescue and people that adopt these furry friends into their homes.

I would like to personally thank each and every person that has supported our efforts throughout the years and look forward to continuing to work with you all. We may have grown, but I will always remain humble and look forward to speaking directly with our customers.



Grant is an M.A. Graduate of the University of Alabama and a B.A. Graduate of Birmingham Southern College. In addition to his passion for Animals, Grant has an extensive business background in Accounting, Real Estate, Insurance and Human Resources.