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Care and Cleaning of CRIJO Units & Sisal Mats             

Cleaning & Care

It’s easy to clean and sanitize CRIJO Units. 
The plastic material used in the fabrication of CRIJO equipment can be easily wiped down with standard shelter disinfectants. Some popular disinfectants are Quantrant, Rescue, Trifectant, and Wysiwash. These and products like them can be used safely on plastic without causing damage to the plastic.
If a deeper cleaning is necessary, because units are outfitted with stainless steel casters, they can be moved easily to an area that would allow them to be hosed down and more completely sanitized.
We recommend 2 different approaches to sisal cleaning.
Spot Cleaning: Crijo recommends spot-cleaning your sisal pads if at all possible. Remove any debris from the pad then spray with disinfectant, dab away excess, and let air dry.
Machine Washing: ONLY in the event of an unfortunate outbreak do we recommend machine washing our sisal pads. However, if necessary, the pads can be removed from the units for a more extensive cleaning via the washing machine. WARNING -Use Care: DO NOT use hot water, only use WARM water, and DO NOT use an agitator. DO NOT DRY IN THE DRYER - AIR-DRY ONLY. After removing the sisal from the washing machine, you should stretch the pads back to their original shape. Let the pads air-dry naturally. While the pads are still damp, place them back on the unit, stretching them into place as needed, and secure them with thumbscrews.
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