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Care and Cleaning of your Sisal Scratch Pads

Cleaning & Care

CRIJO utilizes Sisal in the manufacturing of “Scratch Pads” for felines. Sisal was chosen because it is a natural material (vegetable) that compliments the need for a feline to scratch. Sisal is not harmful to a feline’s skin or claws. CRIJO Scratch Pads are designed in a manner where they can be easily replaced when stained or worn. CRIJO Scratch Pads are high quality and very beneficial to a feline because it encourages stretching and scratching thereby promoting exercise and limiting stress.

*CRIJO makes no claim that the Sisal scratch pad(s), if contaminated, can be disinfected and continue to maintain its shape, appearance, and original quality.


Visible and Loose Dirt- Should be regularly cleaned with a broom or hand-held vacuum. Dirt will not cling to the hard, non-static fibers. Regular cleaning is necessary because loose particles of dirt reduce the life span of the floor covering.

Water – Can dissolve dirt partials and bring them to the surface. This may cause watermarks to form. Therefore, spilled water or water from plant containers must be dabbed immediately with an absorbent white cloth or hair dryer.

Spills – Which are still moist, are the easiest to remove. Remove the spills promptly by scrapping up solids and blotting up liquids. Follow by dabbing with a damp cloth of water (add white vinegar to the cloth to cut grease). Dry with an absorbent white cloth or hair dryer.

If any liquid is spilled out on a sisal rug, it needs to be cleaned immediately. Clean a sisal rug by blotting the rug with a dry cloth, making sure not to rub the liquid into the fiber. You may find it helpful to lift the rug up and blot from the underside as well if this is possible. If a staining liquid such as juice is spilled, clean a sisal rug with a mild soap and water solution or a half vinegar, half water solution. Dip a cloth into the solution, blot the rug, and blot dry. You may need to repeat this but remember to use a small amount of water to clean a sisal rug so the rug does not absorb the liquid. Dry materials can be scraped off with a blunt edge, such as a wood knife. You can also use dry rug cleaning powder designed specifically for sisal to clean a sisal rug. These products are available at many carpet supply stores, and they have verified directions for use, depending on the manufacturer. You should also vacuum a sisal rug regularly to remove accumulated dirt. If you clean a sisal rug with a vacuum on a regular basis, you will also prolong the life of the rug, since embedded dirt tends to damage the fibers of the rug.

NOTE: When cleaning CRIJO scratch pads hand-held vacuums and hair dryers are currently being utilized by maintenance crews. 

Recommended Cleaning Products

Pro’s Choice Natural Fiber Cleaner, Safe & Bright Step 3 from Bane-Clene®
– Natural Fiber Cleaner is designed to safely and thoroughly clean those difficult-to-clean natural textiles, such as Haitian and Natural Cotton that are prone to yellowing and browning.
– It is the best product to use when wet-cleaning Sisal Rugs (including Jute Rugs), Cotton rugs and carpets. It is also helpful in restoring fabrics that have been discolored due to improper cleaning procedures.
– Restores clean white color to dingy upholstery.
– Contains sodium bisulfite, a reducing bleach, builders, and detergents. Not compatible with oxidizing bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide, Stain Magic, OSR, etc.

• Mix 1 ounce of Natural Fiber Cleaner per gallon of warm water and extract.
• For heavily soiled areas, per-spray with Preface.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit – (Found at Ace Hardware)
For years we have recommended that our customers purchase the Host Dry Carpet cleaning kit, and keep it on hand in case of emergency.
The Host Dry Carpet Cleaner Kit contains everything you need to deep clean spots, spills and traffic areas quickly and conveniently. Best of all, it will be on hand when you need it!

This handy kit contains:
• 2.5 lb. Host Dry Carpet Cleaner
• 8 oz. Host Dry Spot Remover
• Host Carpet Brush (fits any standard shaker pack threaded handle for easy stand-up cleaning)
• Host Cleaning Tips Booklet

Host Dry Carpet Cleaner is all natural and contains a balanced blend of moisture, detergent, and a small amount of safe-to-use solvents. The cleaning powder dissolves and traps greasy, oily dirt, spots, and odors as it is brushed into the carpet. After about an hour, simply vacuum. This is a low moisture cleaner so carpet can be walked on during cleaning and is ready for use immediately after cleaning.