Corporate Design
On the face of CRIJO we exist to provide revolutionary and humane animal housing enrichment products for confined animals to reduce disease, promote adoptions, and save lives. 

Founded by George Smith, our corporate headquarters is located in Weaver, Alabama. We strive to remain an approachable business where customers can connect with any level of personnel, even our founder, to ask questions or discuss solutions for specific needs. 

Product Design
When we first started to design our animal enrichment products in 2005, we contacted multiple veterinarians to get their specific needs and advice. Although we wanted to make a product that would stimulate felines, we also wanted to ensure that we had expert input for safety and product usability.

Today, our State-of-the-Art pet enrichment centers are fully customizable for any sized room or building. Customers can also purchase one of our standard designs.  Each unit is constructed with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE),  a thermoplastic material that is known for its excellent tensile strength, high melting point, low cost, good impact strength, and is easy to disinfect. 

Our patent pending blueprint and build involves a user-friendly and cat-friendly design that facilitates the easy removal and replacement of the sisal scratch pads. We also added heavy duty castors to make moving the pieces easier for more accessibility to clean difficult to reach areas.

Our Team

Grant Smith

Our Customer Base

Crijo has worked with and provided products to humane societies, shelters, and veterinarian offices in 40+ states across the US and Canada.

Crijo products continue to find their way into cat lover homes as the provider of choice for cat enrichment products across the nation. 

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