CRIJO Pet Products -The choice of shelter veterinarians for 18 years.

Who We Are
CRIJO exists to provide revolutionary and humane animal enrichment products for confined animals to reduce disease, promote adoptions, and save lives. 

Founded by Grant Smith and his father, George Smith (1929-2022), CRIJO has strived to remain an approachable business where customers receive personalized service with real people on the other end of the line with the knowledge to answer questions and discuss solutions for specific needs.  

In sponsoring national conferences for almost 2 decades, we have met many front-line animal welfare workers who are so passionate about what they do and the animals they do it for.  We applaud you for your hard work.  We hope our products have made your jobs a little easier.  

Product Design
When we began designing our animal enrichment products in 2005, we contacted multiple veterinarians to understand their specific needs and hear their experienced advice. Although we wanted to make a product that would stimulate felines, we also wanted to ensure we had expert input for safety and product usability.  This research led to our New Generation line's State-of-the-Art pet enrichment equipment. Constructed with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE),  a thermoplastic material known for its excellent tensile strength, high melting point, low cost, good impact strength, and the ability to be disinfected with standard shelter disinfectants,  these units have become the industry "Gold" standard for cat enrichment equipment for confined cats. That's according to some industry leaders at two well-known animal charity foundations.  Petco Foundation and PetSmart Charities elected to purchase units for their use in adoptions, a representative from Petco stated they "recognized their need for pursuing the "gold standard" in cat enrichment equipment".  Gold Standard - we couldn't agree more!

Into the Future
During the last few years, our versatile, long-lasting products have made their way to Cat Cafes, Boarding/Day Care Facilities, and Veterinary Offices around the U.S. and Canada.  These new markets are looking for the stimulation and agility opportunities inherent in all of our products.  We are excited to delve into these new opportunities and continue to bring our one-of-a-kind products into the lives of cats everywhere.  

Meet Our Team


George Smith

1929 - 2022

Grant Smith

Chief Principal

Tyler Cefaly

Office Manager





Our Customer Base

CRIJO has worked with and provided products to humane societies, shelters, and veterinarian offices in 40+ states across the US and Canada.

CRIJO products continue to find their way into cat-lover homes as the provider of choice for cat enrichment products across the nation. 

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