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Crijo Pets

CRIJO Claw Salon

CRIJO Claw Salon

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Durable, single-piece scratcher. A cleaner and healthier alternative to cardboard scratchers.   Pad housing is a durable plastic that stands up to wear and tear.  Designed to be a scratching center and a familiar scent comforting scent piece to send home when a cat is adopted. Simply replace the sisal when a new cat is introduced.


Use it in a cage, on a wall, on the side of a desk, or on the side of furniture.

Dimensions: 14.5″ x 6.25  

 – 3 mounting options (Cable tie, Screws, Velcro)                     

– All Natural Scratch Pad replacements are sold in packs of 5 (available separately)

– Environmentally Friendly! 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Housing


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