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Large Room Package

Large Room Package

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Crijo's Large Room Package includes a Small Tower(ST), Medium Tower(MT) and Large Tower(LT) connected  with a combination of cat walks and cat ramps.  A Small Privacy Diner(SPD) connected by cat ramp to a Medium Tower(MT) and a seperate Large Privacy Potty (LPP) complete this package.  ***Bed Covers must be purchased seperately***

  • The Large Room package is designed for a minimum recommended room size of 14 x 10 (140sf).
  • Together these units offer enrichment for 10-14 cats and multiple opportunities for cats to perch, jump, climb, hide, scratch and rest.  The Large Privacy Potty offers privacy for litter box use as well as an escape route.  the back of the unit is open for easy removal of litter pans for cleaning.  The Small Privacy Diner offers seclusion while eating and has an open back for easy clean up.  
  • A total of 14 beds/resting areas
  • 45 natural sisal scratching surfaces*

*Veterinarians recommend natural sisal for scratching over any other material as it aids cats in shedding the outer sheaf on their claws.  

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