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Replacement Sisal Pads

Replacement Sisal Pads

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19” Sisal Sleeve – used only on (Slat Wall Scratch Post & Studio Unit)

CRIJO utilizes Sisal in the manufacturing of “Scratch Pads” for felines. Sisal was chosen because it is a natural material (vegetable) derived from the leaves of the Agave plant and is strong, flexible, and versatile.  These inherent features complement the need for a feline to scratch. Sisal is not harmful to a feline’s skin or claws. CRIJO Scratch Pads are designed in a manner where they can be easily replaced when stained or worn. CRIJO Scratch Pads are high quality and very beneficial to a feline because it encourages stretching and scratching thereby promoting exercise and limiting stress. You should clean a Sisal Rug with care, to prevent it from shrinking and so that the surface will stay evenly colored and stain-free. 


5"x17" Replacement Sisal Pad, 8"x10.5" Replacement Sisal Pad, 7"x16" Replacement Sisal Pad, 10"x16" Replacement Sisal Pad, 14"x14" Replacement Sisal Pad, 7"x39" Replacement Sisal Pad, 5' Replacement Sisal Pad, 4' Replacement Sisal Pad, 7”x16” White -Used only on Flat Surface (Studio Unit, AdoptMe Unit), 10”x16” White – Used only on Flat Surface (AdoptMe Unit), 19” Sisal Sleeve – used only on (Slat Wall Scratch Post & Studio Unit)

Dimensions: 5 × 2 × 19 in

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